שמורI transport my clients in a deluxe, fully climate controlled private vehicle authorized and bearing the mark of the Ministry of Tourism*. Not only does this method of transportation offer maximum comfort, but it also provides passengers with complete insurance.

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*Among all the available commodities for touring in Israel, there is one unique option that will allow tourists to travel all around the country with a private tourist guide and in the comfort of a private car.  This is the "Rehev Eshkol" private car, which is especially tailored to tours for couples, families and small groups.


Any tourist wishing to tour the country by car and not by bus, alone or with family, has the possibility of reserving a "Rehev Eshkol" via his Travel Agent, or when in Israel. "Rehev Eshkol" includes a super comfortable motor car designed for touring, a licensed tourist guide and personal service. These tours are especially designed for the comfort of the individual tourists, as opposed to large group tours.  The tourists travel according to their own time-table and itinerary. It is also possible to reserve "Rehev Eshkol" private tours in modern luxury Jeeps and "Four by Four's".


Each "Rehev Eshkol" private car is driven by a driver who is also an experienced licensed Tourist Guide, trained to give maximum service and impart maximum knowledge. The tourist receives excellent service and guiding according to his personal requests and needs. The pool of licensed guides is extensive with a large selection of guiding in various languages. The guides have an affinity to tourists and an extensive knowledge of the languages and countries they come from. 


"Rehev Eshkol" private cars have a logo on the side of each car. This logo is well known from the Bible story in which two spies came to explore the Land of Israel, [then known as] Canaan, in the days of settlement by the 12 tribes.  The logo is in red with the drawing of a cluster of grapes hanging from a pole and carried by the two spies. Any car that does not have this logo on their doors is not licensed to offer guiding or tourist services.







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