Each of my tours of Israel – ranging from half day to two weeks long excursions – is lovingly designed and customized according to the individuals in the group. The tours are all designed to increase the understanding of the history of the region through activities geared for all ages and interests. I work closely with my guests prior to their arrival, taking into consideration personal goals, unique interests, religion, timetable and budget in order to personalize an itinerary that will transform a holiday into an unforgettable experience. The tours, of course, are conduted in English.

If desired, I can make all the necessary arrangements for you, hotel reservations, site reservation, and more.

Krav Maga Tour Krav Maga, meaning "contact combat," is a self-defense technique developed by the Israeli army. After many years of practicing this form of combat, and instructing elite Air Force units as part of my reserve service, I developed this unique tour that blends my love of history and sightseeing with Krav Maga. During this tour, you will learn how to use your body to take down opponents in real life situations such as fights, street attacks, or other violent encounters. As with all of my tours, there are several variations and opportunities to customize the tour depending on a group's preferences. One possible itinerary is the exploration of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem during the day, followed by an afternoon or evening lesson of several hours with a Krav Maga master. Alternatively, another tour option is one in which I teach the Krav Maga lesson either in a beautiful and quiet outdoor space, or at a historically significant site such as Masada, Mt. Arbel, Golani Overlook, etc. where real fighting and heroism took place.

krav maga


Mark Twain Tour Another truly unique tour follows in the footsteps of Mark Twain's 1867 visit to the Holy Land. Sent by the San Francisco Observer to Europe and the Holy Land, Twain chronicled his exploration in monthly newspaper columns which were later published into a best-selling travel book called "Innocents Abroad." During this tour we read passages from "Innocents Abroad," and visit the places that Twain wrote about. Along with discussing the religious, historical, and political significance of these sites, you will be able to witness firsthand how the regions he described have changed over time.

To read Twain's "Innocents Abroads'" relevant chapters:

Shore Excursions – My shore excursion tours provide you with unparalleled flexibility whether you have 1 day to explore or 3 days, whether your ship docks in Ashdod or in Haifa, or whether you are interested in a Jewish or Christian faith based tour, or both.


          A sample 1- day tour departing from Ashdod including one day in Jerusalem:

             Christian Faith Tour: Panoramic view from the Mt. of Olives, Garden of Gethsemane, Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Bethlehem, or Yad Vashem.

             Jewish Faith Tour: Panoramic view from the Mt. of Olives, the Jewish Quarter, the Western Wall, the Israel Museum, and Yad Vashem.


          A sample 2- day tour departing from Ashdod:

            Day 1: Same as above

            Day 2: Dead Sea and Masada


          A sample overnight tour departing from Haifa:

            Christian Faith Tour: Nazareth, Mt of Beatitudes, site of Multiplication of Fish and Loaves, Capernaum, and Yardenit (baptism site on the Jordan River)

           Jewish Faith Tour: Haifa, Akko, and Safed



Crusader Tour The Crusader Tour ranges from one day to several days, and focuses both on the many crusader sites around the country, as well as on main tourist attractions such as Akko, Jerusalem, and Caesarea, and the role that the Crusaders played in the history of each specific region. In addition, the Crusader Tour includes off-the-beaten-path sites such as Mt. Gissard, Jacob's Ford, Monfort, and Belvoir.


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