Krav Maga Tour

Krav Maga, meaning "contact combat," is a self-defense technique developed by the Israeli army. After many years of practicing this form of combat, and instructing elite Air Force units as part of my reserve service, I developed this unique tour that blends my love of history and sightseeing with Krav Maga. During this tour, you will learn how to use your body to take down opponents in real life situations such as fights, street attacks, or other violent encounters. As with all of my tours, there are several variations and opportunities to customize the tour depending on a group's preferences. One possible itinerary is the exploration of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem during the day, followed by an afternoon or evening lesson of several hours with a Krav Maga master. Alternatively, another tour option is one in which I teach the Krav Maga lesson either in a beautiful and quiet outdoor space, or at a historically significant site such as Masada, Mt. Arbel, Golani Overlook, etc. where real fighting and heroism took place.

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